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Tulsa Burglar Alarm Systems| Security Alarm System| Wireless Alarm System Stillwater

Protect your investment with a security alarm system from Falco Alarm Company. 

A tremendous amount of hard work has gone into your home or business. In order to perpetuate the success of your business or the peaceful living in your home, trust the alarm system experts at Falco Alarm Company to have your back when it comes to protecting your investment with our reliable burglar alarm systems. More than just a device for detecting any instances of forced entry or motion, our security alarm systems also provide a peace of mind that clients enjoy while away from home, after business hours, or even for added security while at home. For additional means of protecting your investment, invest in a home security alarm or security alarm system for your business from Falco Alarm Company for reinforcement you can trust.


With wireless alarm systems, burglar alarm installation just got a whole lot easier and less invasive. 

In the past, alarm installation meant installing a system or wires that ran throughout your property that intruders could detect and possibility disable. For simple and reliable alarm installation that won’t ruin interior aesthetics, the security experts from Falco Alarm Company are pleased to be able to install wireless alarm systems. The installation of a wireless burglar alarm means an end to messy wiring, invasive installation techniques, and the ease of an alarm monitoring many different points on your property. To broaden your scope of alarm monitoring beyond simply detecting forced entries to also detecting movement in different areas of your home, Falco Alarm Company also provides motion detector alarms. Taking the guess-work out of home security alarm systems is our specialty.

We’ve got your back with alarm monitoring with Falco Alarm Company. 

Beyond our reliable alarm system devices, our alarm monitoring services allow us to be your helping hand when help seems to be out of reach. Having attendants ready to connect you to the help you need whenever desired is one way Falco Alarm Systems works not only to secure your loved ones and property, but make security one less thing to worry about.  In addition to our other products and services, we’re happy to have the reputation of Honeywell Alarm Systems teaming up with alarm monitoring companies such as your friends at Falco Alarm Company to increase the effectiveness of intruder alarm systems.  Our continued effort to supply our customers with the very best home security alarm systems and their monitor the security of their businesses using burglar alarm systems with increased alarm monitoring around the clock has made us a trusted name from Tulsa to Stillwater, Owasso to Bixby, Jenks, and beyond. Visit with the alarm systems experts at Falco Alarm Company today to access how to better protect your home or business with a home security alarm system.

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