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Magnetic Door Stop Tulsa| Stillwater Magnetic Door Lock| Proximity Card Reader Badging Systems

Ensure that your door stays open to clients with an electromagnetic door holder system. 

Your doorways can be everything from the greeting for your customers to security for your employees. For quality performance and added aesthetic value, throw away those door props and manual key locks and invest in a magnetic door locks and a magnetic door stop system. Greet every client and ensure the security of every colleague with superior access controls to all your business and office doors with magnetic door stopper systems and exit button systems. Magnetic door stops replace friction-based door stops for a superior hold, control, and ease of use. Magnetic door catches and magnetic door holder systems provide clients and colleagues with a quality system of keeping doors open without the cumbersome nature of a physical prop or fear of letting a door close in a client’s face. A magnetic door catch can be easily installed and allows for a cleaner look with increased usability. If you’re still using friction-based door stops and physical hook-based catches, upgrade to reliable magnetic door holders and a magnetic door catch system from Falco Alarm Company.

Magnetic door locks give easy access to those authorized personnel and added security against intruders.

With all the effort put into hand-picking people for your business operations, workplace security is one ingredient in the recipe for business efficiency. Like your immune system doesn’t let just any organism wander throughout your body, a system should also be in place to ensure the safety and security of your workers and sensitive business and client information. Doing away with cumbersome mechanical key locks that can be picked by skilled intruders, invest in a magnetic door lock system. Trusted hotels the world over, electromagnetic door lock systems allow easy access to the people granted access to a space and no entry to those who do not. Whether used in the form of card swipe, a badging system used with proximity card readers, or keyless entry keypads, magnetic lock systems provide efficient access for authorized personnel with added security. Not stopping at alarm systems, trust in the superior products and services from Falco Alarm Systems for the best in magnetic door locks, magnetic door latch systems, and access controls for your home or business security solutions. Serving from Tulsa to Stillwater, Owasso to Bixby, Jenks to Broken Arrow, and all surrounding areas, speak with a magnetic door latch expert from Falco Alarm Company about access controls for your home or business.

Magnetic door latch systems provide additional control to your doors with added security.

An added benefit of upgrading to a magnetic door latch system is the ability to access controls for doors remotely. Everything from push to exit button systems to magnetic door locks and magnetic door stopper systems all work in tandem for increased efficiency and security. No more fumbling for keys, looking for special latches, or propped-open doors slipping shut, magnetic door locks, magnetic door latches, and push to exit button systems put control at the fingertips of invited guests, clients, and all authorized personnel. To find out more about a secure and efficient electromagnetic door holder system or magnetic door locks for your home or business, consult the experts at Falco Alarm Company. Proudly serving Tulsa, Stillwater, Owasso, Bixby, and the surrounding areas, come experience the different of quality products and services from the professionals.

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