Honeywell Total Connect & August Smart Lock

With the August Smart Lock, give access, not keys.  Your smartphone is now a smart key and more. Lock and unlock your door or give keyless entry to family, friends, housekeepers or others without worrying about lost or copied keys. You can also have it lock or unlock when arming or disarming your security system using Honeywell Total Connect. The August Smart Lock easily installs on the inside of your door using only a screwdriver. Watch this video to learn more.

August Smart Lock Features at a Glance

Control Access

August Smart Lock

Lock, unlock and monitor your door from anywhere.

Locks As You Leave

August Smart Lock

Locks automatically as you leave. Never worry if your door is locked again.

Unlocks As You Arrive

August Smart Lock

Auto-unlock detects your arrival and unlocks the door automatically.

August Smart Lock

Common Lock Types

August works with most single-cylinder deadbolts

Unlike products that require a locksmith to completely replace your existing lock,  August’s smart lock easily retrofits to your existing deadbolt, allowing you to keep your existing keys.

Note: Honeywell Total Connect compatibility on iOS iPhone only at this time.

Deadbolt Compatibility List

Single cylinder deadbolts are the most common type of deadbolt in North America. A single cylinder deadbolt operates with a key on the outside and a thumbturn on the inside. The deadbolt and handle are not connected in any way. August is compatible with most single cylinder deadbolts. Below is a list  of compatible locks .

Ashley Norton

Solid Bronze Collection - 4115  

Solid Bronze Collection - 4185  

Solid Bronze Collection - 4175  

Solid Bronze Collection - 4150  

Solid Bronze Collection - 4165  

Solid Bronze Collection - 4100  

Solid Bronze Collection - 4190  

Solid Brass Collection - DB4100  

Solid Brass Collection - DB4190  

Solid Brass Collection - DB4120  

Solid Brass Collection - DB4130  

Solid Brass Collection - DB4170  

Solid Brass Collection - DB4150  

Solid Brass Collection - DB4165


Reserve TRD  

Reserve CRD  

Reserve CSD  

Reserve RAD  

Reserve RSD  

Reserve TAD  

Reserve TSD  

Prestige 380  

Prestige 385  

Estate 8031  

Estate 8041  

Estate 8213  

Estate 8231  

Estate 8237  

Estate 8241  

Estate 8244  

Estate 8252  

Estate 8254  

Estate 8285     


Grade 3 Single Cylinder  

Grade 3 One Sided half bore

Grade 2 Single Cylinder     


DL 61 (2014 and before. 2015 and newer Defiant deadbolts are not compatible)      


Solid Brass Grade 2  

Traditional Collection Grade 2

Italian Collection Single Cylinder Contemporary Collection Single Cylinder  

Sandast Collection Curved  

SandCast Collection Square 


Modern Style  

Neos Style  

Square Style  

#8 Style  

Low Profile Style  

Quincy Style  

Regular Style  

Saratoga Style  

Knoxville Style  

Rope Style  

Arts and Crafts Style  

#1 Style  

#2 Style 

#3 Style  

#4 Style   

Tuscany #11 Style  

Tuscany #14 Style  

Tuscanly Classic Style  

Tuscany Octagon Style  

Tuscany Style  

Tuscany Srt Nouveau Style     

EZ Set  

Single Cylinder  

Interchangeable Core  

Grade 2  

Commercial Grade 1 Single Cylinder  Commercial Grade 2 Single Cylinder  

Commercial Interchangeable Core     


DL 61 F     


Single cylinder deadbolts made before 2014    

Global Door Controls  





Nostalgic All - Custom     


August Branded Deadbolt     


Signature Series 780  

Signature Series 980  

Signature Series 993  

Signature Series Austin  

Signature Series 909  

Signature Series 598  

Signature Series 158  

Signature Series 816  

Signature Series 909 SmartCode  

Kwikset Series 660  

Kwikset Series 907 Powerbolt

Kwikset Series 816     

Max Grade  


100 series  

200 series     

Omnia Industries  

Auxiliary D9000  

Auxiliary D9000S  

Auxiliary D9002  Prodigy 

Auxiliary ARCHDB  Prodigy 

Auxiliary RECTDB  Prodigy 

Auxiliary TRADDB     




B500 Series  

B600 Series  

B700 Series  

B800 Series     




Toledo Fine Locks  





Molten Bronze Premiere  

Molten Bronze Square  

Elegance Oval  

Elegance Premiere  

Traditional 667  

Traditional 671  

Essentials 371  

UL 60 Minutes Rated 871  

Commercial 7200

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