Cellular Alarm Monitoring


We would like to inform you about the new types of phone services and the impact they have on your security system. Commonly referred to as “VoIP” (Voice over Internet Protocol) and “digital telephone service,” these new phone options are rapidly growing in popularity.  These technologies allow you to make telephone calls via a broadband internet connection instead of using a traditional, “landline” or plain old telephone service.  Typically, these new types of phone service replace your landline service.

It is important that you are aware that these new services can adversely affect your security system.

In almost all cases, your security system relies on proper operation of the telephone line, and its associated special security wiring, to reliably communicate alarm signals to the monitoring center. There are several important things to consider before making the decision to use VoIP or digital telephone service:

  • With digital telephone phone services offered by your cable provider, your system may be unable to consistently and reliably send alarm signals to the central station.  This technology may also cause your alarm signals to get scrambled as they are sent to the monitoring center. 

  • VoIP requires continuous power. If you lose power, you will not be able to use any phone connected to VoIP. More importantly, the security system will not send any signals to our monitoring center.

There are new security communications solutions available that use digital cellular transmission to send alarm signals to the monitoring center and improve the reliability of your security system.

We encourage you to check with us before making any changes to your existing telephone service. If you have already switched to VoIP or digital phone service, it is extremely important that you contact us


Cellular transmission of security system alarm signals will eliminate the need for a "land based" telephone line. Not only will it send the security alarm signals to the monitoring center via the cellular network, it is a more secure communication method. With a Honeywell security system it also provides the ability to use Honeywell Total Connect for remote interaction with your alarm system and connected home automation devices. Contact us about adding cellular alarm monitoring to your system.

Contact us for more information about adding cellular alarm monitoring or Honeywell Total Connect to your system.

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