Gate Access Control


Gate access control, gate key pad entry, gate entry control

Controlling property access is of increasing importance for residences; from second and weekend homes to inner-city estates. Probably the most significant demand for access to any residential building or property is from the service industry; from the pool man to the lawn care crew, or from the HVAC repair man to the appliance repair technician. As a result, electronic gates have gained popularity as a tool to control access to property. The traditional solution is to use a keypad with a factory programmed access code, such as “0000.”  Unfortunately, this code is rarely changed by the owner and is given to everyone needing access to the property. Not only does this not provide effective security, but there is no visitor accountability.

Apartments and Home Communities

Gate access control, gate key pad entry, gate entry control

The industry’s only live streaming video technology comes to the multi-resident market. With pedestal, wall mounted, and flush mounted options Watchman Multi-Tenant is seamless in any application and offers today’s most sophisticated and user-friendly administrative features. Visitor Management includes live streaming video calls to multiple phones for each apartment or home, still pictures of visitors only from internal camera and external camera (if equipped), and access control for both visitors and tenants with unlimited access.


Apartment complexes, residential gated communities, condominiums and resort properties. Commercial gated business parks, commercial complexes and office divisions.

Self Storage Facilities

Self storage gate access control, self storage gate entry control, self storage gate entry key pad

It’s a given that self-storage properties face frequent, high-volume traffic from customers. But managing these facilities pose challenges when vendors and service personnel need to access areas such as roofs and mechanical areas. Access control and monitoring of site activity is even more difficult to manage when a storage facility lacks on-site infrastructure like power and telephone landlines.



If you don’t have an on-site manager available at all of your facilities, it is unlikely you have an on-site office equipped with a phone, computer and internet access either.  But with a CellGate system, you can remotely control and track all gate activity from your home or remote office. Our cellular and internet technology makes it simple. Just log-in to any computer or use your mobile phone.

Farms and Ranches

Solar powered gate access control, solar powered gate entry control

Unlike traditional gate access control systems, CellGate’s combined cellular and solar powered technologies deliver a system that can be controlled by the landowner from virtually anywhere.  So if you need to remotely monitor a ranch or farm property, or simply want more convenience when it comes to controlling access to your property, CellGate has a solution for you.

Oil and Gas Sites

Manual gate access control, manual gate entry control, key pad entry for manual gate

Many rural oil and gas sites are controlled, if at all, by the inadequate but traditional daisy chain of padlocks on chain link gates. Given the remoteness and lack of utilities at these sites, solar-power access control and remote monitoring of property is needed. Cellular technology is ideal for these remote settings. CellGate provides remote controlled access to your oil and gas employees and maintains detailed records of who entered and when, all at an affordable cost.

Hunting Leases

Solar powered gate access control, solar powered gate entry control

Whether you own a hunting property or run a deer lease, cellular gate control can help you stop trespassers and poachers. If you’re a deer lease owner, CellGate can help give you peace of mind knowing your property is protected and that only authorized visiting outdoorsmen can pursue the big trophy bucks.

Gate Access Control of Automatic Gates


CellGate’s Access Control and Monitoring Systems for automatic gates are compatible with all gate operators and designed to fully integrate with the keypad or push-button setup you are currently using.

TH AC-powered system for automatic gates includes a “smart” keypad, cellular communications module, and an antenna. It is assumed that power will be provided by the same source as the gate operator. Contacts are run from the CellGate controller to the gate operator, triggering the gate to open.

Solar-powered systems are also available, which include a solar panel and a marine battery in addition to the other system components.

The keypad can store up to 1,000 codes locally, providing fast 100% reliable service, since it does not require immediate cellular communication.


Gate Access Control of Manual Gates

Solar Powered



Complete solar power access control and monitoring system kits are available for manual gates—ready to install, right out of the box. Kits can be used for “pole” gates and chain link gates.

Included in the kits are a solar panel and marine battery, an electronic lock, a “smart” keypad, cellular antenna, and a solar panel and a weather resistant steel enclosure that houses the cellular communications module. The keypad can store up to 1,000 codes locally, providing fast and 100% reliable service, because it does not require immediate cellular communications.

CellGate kits are available with a camera option.

Solar Powered Kit

Solar powered gate access control

Everything you need is included in the CellGate solar panel kit except the mounting pole for the solar panel and the enclosure for the CellGate cellular equipment.


  • Keypad and Control Panel
  • Cellular Communications Components
  • Steel Enclosure
  • Solar Panel, Charger and Battery
  • Optional Camera

Pole Gate with CellGate Solar Power System Kit Installed

Steel pole gate access control

The electronic lock is bolted or welded to the main post and a latch to the gate arm. When the gate is shut, it automatically locks. When a visitor enters a valid code on the keypad, the lock is released.

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Apartments, Home Community and Storage Facility Gates

Multi-tenant access control

Live streaming video technology for the multi-tenant market.

Easily upgrade an existing gate entry control system with Watchman EVO Multi-tenant. Adding a Watchman Multi-tenant gate access control system allows tenants to answer visitor calls quickly and conveniently!

The system has a brilliant 7" touchscreen, manages up to 1,000 directory codes and 64,000 access codes. Unique call groups for each directory code can call up to 9 phone numbers per code.

Perfect for business complex, apartment complex and home community gate security or condominium building door .

Cellgate's Watchman EVO cellular telephone with streaming video entry control system revolutionizes gate security for apartment complexes or home communities and door security for condominium and commercial buildings. See live streaming video, hear and speak to visitors on your smart phone.

Pedestal Option for Gate Entry

Pedestal gate access control

Wall Mount Option for Door Entry

Multi-tenant door entry control

LIve streaming video of visitors and visual confirmation at gate entrance.

Gate access control streaming video

Optional second camera for a broader view of visitors.

Gate access control streaming video

Cellgate - How it works

How it Works

Remote Monitoring and Access Control Over A Cellular Network

CellGate’s cellular access control products are designed to connect easily to virtually all manual and automatic gates and gate control panels. They are designed to complement your current keypad or push-button opener. All systems can easily be installed by a local gate dealer.


  1. Our proprietary web-based portal; or
  2. Via our smart phone app

From CellGate’s mobile phone app, you can:

  • Open, close or hold your gate open for the amount of time you specify
  • If cameras are installed, you can take pictures on demand or receive pictures instantly when gate activity occurs
  • View all pictures taken and select a photo to zoom in on for a better view


With a CellGate system installed, all it takes is the click of a mouse to provide each visitor with a unique access code. Once logged in to your web-based CellGate account, you can: set limits to each code; limit a code’s operability by date range, day of week and/or time of day; and even limit a code by a number of uses. Each time a visitor uses a code to enter or leave the property, the CellGate system creates a record, including the identity of the gate accessed, the time and date, the access code used, and the caller ID of any phone used to send the command. Your CellGate account will also tell you whether the gate is open or closed. If you have one of CellGate’s HD Camera products installed, the same types of records are created—but you will also be able to see photos of images taken, logged with camera location, time and date of photo, and what capture method triggered the taking of the photo.


From the CellGate web-based portal, a user may control all of their CellGate products in one place. Whether the user has one CellGate camera, or multiple CellGate access control products with or without cameras, all of them can be controlled from the web-based portal once your CellGate hardware is installed and the user has established their online account.


Create access codes that are:

  • Set for a fixed number of uses
  • Valid only for a certain date/time range
  • Valid only certain days of the week or times of day
  • Valid until canceled (never expire), or
  • Unrestricted and never expire

View, print and export detailed information that shows:

  • Access code (visitor) used, location, date and time of day
  • The type of command sent and the result
  • The current open or close status of a gate


  • You manage your CellGate account, access codes, alerts and reports online.
  • Visitors enter their access code at the gate, and the CellGate cellular device sends the data over the cellular network to the CellGate data center.
  • When the CellGate system verifies the entered code as an authorized visitor, it sends a signal to allow the visitor to enter, and
  • Logs the activity in your CellGate account.


  • Easy to assign, custom access codes
  • Time-stamped photos
  • Text and email alerts of gate activity
  • A Web log of all gate transactions
  • Prop-open alerts
  • On-demand or scheduled gate control
  • Solar or AC power
  • Cellular transmission
  • Gate hold open schedule for up to a year in advance
  • And much more!

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